American Airlines

American Airlines Regional Carrier Envoy Air provides jet services through Chicago O'Hare International Airport.  With convenient arrival and departure times, it's easy to reach almost any city in the world with just one stop from Dubuque.

Book a Flight

Reservations: 800-433-7300

Group Travel of 10 or more

Reservations: 800-221-2255

Check-in Information

Check-in time is recommended to be at least 60 minutes but up to 90 minutes prior to your listed departure time. Ticket counter will close 45 minutes prior to departure. Passengers are expected to be in the boarding gate area 30 minutes prior to flight time. Please be aware of these requirements as you make your plans to come to the airport, and allow yourself enough time to check in and go through the screening area.

Baggage Information

Please refer to the American Airlines website for the most up to date baggage information, as policies continue to change. Check here for latest American Airlines baggage information.

Delayed or Damaged Baggage

If your baggage has been delayed or damaged - you will need to file a claim with an American Airlines representative.  

Traveling with Children Information

Traveling with children and infants

Delayed or Canceled Flight Travel Tips

If your flight is delayed or canceled - here are some travel tips from American to help.

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